Straightpoint Wirelink Plus WLP1T Dynamometer - 2200lb X 1lb

  • 1,99700

Versatile Platform

The Wirelink plus is the non-indicating version of Straightpoint’s very popular Radiolink plus and Loadlink plus digital dynamometer tension load cells. This non-indicating Loadlink is designed for use with Straightpoint’s Handheld plus digital display, desktop controller PC software (DCP10M) or other form of instrumentation.

  • Multiple output options to include mV/V, analogue out, ASCII, MODBUS RTU and CAN-BUS
  • Available with IP68 environmental protection
  • Shackles not included
Capacity 2200lb
Readability 1lb
Units of Measure kg, lb
Dimensions 8.03H x 1.69D x 3.98W in
Weight 3.1lb

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