PLATEN-23S-296-3 Compression Platen Set, Steel

PLATEN-23S-296-3 Compression Platen Set, Steel

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The Starrett PLATEN-23S Series are hardened steel 58 HRC platens for use with harder materials including metals,building materials, ceramic, etc.The platens are circular with concentric grooves that help stablize the sample during compression testing.This platen has a 296mm diameter.Two platens are supplied.Use with twin column machines

  • Easy-to-Use Testing Fixtures
  • Concentric Grooves Help Secure Sample During Testing
  • Ideal for Hard Sample Materials
  • Application Examples: Compression Springs, Foam, Top Load Bottles, Tablets & Gel Caps, Corrugated Paper, Rubber, Metals, Composites
  • Anodized finish

Fixture Type Circular
Platen Size 296mm
Load Capacity 50kN (11,000 lbf)
Material of Construction Steel
Face Type Grooved
Operating Temperature -0°C to 350°C
Adapter Size 31.8mm
Packaging 2 Each
Weight (each) 9.0 kg


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