PEEL-50MS-1 Peel Fixutre

PEEL-50MS-1 Peel Fixutre

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The Starrett PEEL-50MS Series test fixture is used for measuring bond strength.The fixture's sliding table ensures a smooth, consistent movement inorder to maintain the constant peel angle.This keeps the peel point at the center of the fixture.You may adjust the angle of peel between 0 and 30-degrees.The fixture comes with a mounting bar, wire and wire end tubes for securing thesample.

  • Easy-to-Use Testing Fixtures
  • Large Test Surface Accommodates Varying Sample Sizes
  • Smooth, Consistent Table Operation Ensures Accurate Peel Measurements
  • Adjustable Peel Angle
  • Application Examples: Adhesives, Film, Laminates, Paper, Foils
  • Applicable Industry Standards: ASTM B571, ASTM D2861

Load Capacity 10kN
Material of Construction Steel, Manganese Phosphate Coated
Sample Width 0-50mm
Sample Length 0-250mm
Packaging 1 Fixture incl. mouting bar, wire and wire end tubes
Weight (each) 7.1 kg (15.65 lbs)


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