Digimatic Micrometer, MDH, I/M 0-1 In, .000005 In-Sw

Digimatic Micrometer, MDH, I/M 0-1 In, .000005 In-Sw

  • 1,85000

0-1 In/0-25.4mm, .00005 In/.00002 In/0.0001mm/0.0005mm switchable, MDH Digimatic Outside Micrometer, With Output

  • Enabling .000005”/ 0.1µm resolution measurement, this micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements with a hand-held tool.
  • A highly rigid frame and high-performance constant-force mechanism* enable more stable measurement, while the clicks emitted while the work piece is being measured assure the operator that measurement is proceeding normally. *Patent pending in Japan, the United States of America, the European Union, and China.
  • Body heat transferred to the instrument is reduced by a (removable) heat shield, minimizing the error caused by thermal expansion of the frame when performing handheld measurements.
Range 0 In - 1 In
Resolution .000005 In / 0.0001mm
Accuracy ±.00002 In
Data Output Y


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