M5-50 Force Gauge - 50lbF X 0.01lbF

Mark-10 M5-50 Force Gauge - 50lbF X 0.01lbF

  • 1,25000

Advanced Digital Force Gauges

Series 5 advanced digital force gauges are designed for tension and compression force testing in numerous applications across virtually every industry, with capacities from 0.12 lb to 2,000 lbF (0.5 N to 10 kN). The gauges feature an industry-leading sampling rate of 7,000 Hz, producing accurate results even for quick-action tests. Accuracy is ±0.1% of full scale, and resolution is 1/5000. A large, backlit graphics LCD displays large, legible characters, while the simple menu navigation allows for quick access to the gauges’ many features and configurable parameters. Data can be transferred to a PC or other data collector via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs. On-board data memory for up to 1,000 readings is included, as are statistical calculations and output to a PC. Integrated set points with indicators are ideal for pass-fail testing and for triggering external devices such as an alarm, relay, or test stand. The gauges are overload protected to 200% of capacity, and an analog load bar is shown on the display for graphical representation of applied force. Series 5 force gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands, grips, and software.

  • High-speed 7,000 Hz sampling rate
  • 1,000-point data memory with statistics (min, max, mean, standard deviation) and outputs
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog output
Capacity 50lbF
Readability 0.01lbF
Units of Measure lbF, ozF, kgF, gF, N, kN, mN
Power Requirements AC or rechargeable battery. Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low.
Dimensions 2.53W x 6.74H x 1.32D in
Weight 2lb

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