GSE 675 Counting Scale

GSE 675 Counting Scale - 6lb x 0.0002lb

  • 1,88500

Parts Counting and Inventory Management Systems

Counting accuracy is important whether your application is document distribution, shipping and receiving, job picking or factory-wide inventory management. Inaccurate counts cost you reputation if you deliver short to a customer and profits are lost if you deliver too many. GSE precision parts counting systems are designed to provide years of reliable performance in a variety of environments and applications. Intuitive, easy-to-use counting and weighing routines range from one keystroke operation to cycle counting with data acquisition for a complete inventory management solution from small electronic components to expensive machined parts.

Capacity 6lb
Readability 0.0002lb
Units of Measure lb, o, g, kg
Weighing Surface Size 8in x 10in Stainless Steel
Power Requirements 90-250 VAC, 10-32 VDC
Display Type 16 line x 40 character EDT LCD Graphic with
Dimensions 14.38in W (at handles) x 17.30in L x 5.63in H
Shipping Weight 22lb / 10kg

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