Dillon AP Dynamometer 10in

Dillon AP Dynamometer 10" Dial- 10,000lb x 50lb

  • 2,17500

Dillon Dynamometer - Nobody does it better!

Originally designed to measure the tension on telephone wires, the Dynamometer has proven to have limitless versatility as a tension and weight measuring instrument. It is used for such diverse jobs as suspended weighing; mounting cables for bridges; adjusting tension on guy wires; field testing chain, rope, wire anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.

Capacity 10000lb
Readability 50lb
Units of Measure lbs
Weighing Surface Size 1.69in inner diameter shackle
Power Requirements No power required
Display Type Dial
Dimensions 14.5in x 10.4in x 4.9in / 369mm x 264mm x 125mm
Shipping Weight 16lb / 7.3kg

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