Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance

Ohaus Explorer EX623 Precision Balance 620g x 0.001g

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Intelligent. Intuitive. Ingeniously Practical.

The OHAUS Explorer® Series has risen to the next level of ingenuity?expanding on its modern features and design to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other on the market.

Capacity 620g
Readability 0.001g
Units of Measure g, mg, kg, carats (ct), grains (gn), lb, oz , Troy Oz (ozt), Newton (N), Pennyweights (dwt), Taels (Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan), Momme, Mesghal, Tical, Tola, Baht and up to 3 user-defined Custom Units
Weighing Surface Size 5.12 in / 130 mm diameter
Draftshield Yes
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC 0.6A 50-60Hz AC adapter
Display Type Full-color VGA graphic display, 4-wire resistive touch screen
Internal Calibration AutoCal® internal calibration
Dimensions 9.06 ? 13.78 ? 15.47 in / 230 ? 350 ? 393 mm
Shipping Weight 21 lbs / 9.6 kg

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